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Educational Psychologist

Educational psychologists operate within the framework of local authorities, collaborating closely with families and various professionals, with the overarching goal of facilitating children and young people in realising their utmost potential. Their engagement extends to offering support to schools and local authorities with a view to enhancing the overall learning experiences of all children. Leveraging their extensive training in psychology and expertise in child development, educational psychologists meticulously assess barriers to learning that children may encounter. Subsequently, they provide comprehensive advice and deliver targeted training to schools, guiding them on effective approaches to aid children in their learning and developmental journeys. The recommendations put forth by educational psychologists encompass a spectrum of strategies, ranging from innovative teaching methodologies to improvements in learning environments, and encompassing guidance on curriculum materials and behavioral support, all tailored to optimize a child's learning effectiveness.

At The Secret Garden, we receive regular support from our Educational Psychologist and are in continuous communication.