The Secret Garden School

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Our core values:

  • Behaviour management is everybody’s responsibility, but adults are in charge of monitoring and managing behaviour
  • We understand that all of us get distressed at times and find some situations difficult
  • We offer positive reinforcement, and this is embedded in the whole ethos of the school
  • We accept that behaviour is a form of communication, and we help and support our pupils to behave appropriately
  • We do not use words sarcastically or in any way to upset or hurt others
  • We have clear rules in place to support pupil’s understanding
  • We treat others with the upmost respect

Our Expectations:

  • We treat others as we would hope to be treated ourselves
  • We are caring and compassionate towards other people
  • We understand our pupils’ differing needs but always encourage them to be the best they can be

Our Strategies:

  • We reward good behaviour with praise, as well as our reward system using reward balls and amazon vouchers
  • We always give pupils chances to put things right, facilitate and model positive behaviour
  • We provide pupils with specific interventions to support behaving appropriately, as well as this being embedded throughout the curriculum; particularly PSHE
  • We have strategies and interventions for distressed behaviour; these are specific to individual pupils and used consistently by everyone
  • We use the Zones of Emotional Regulation to support pupil’s understanding in their own feelings and emotions.

Please see our Behaviour Policy for further information.